Reablement Services

What We Offer

Recovery and regaining independence after a hospital stay, illness, or injury can be challenging. At Care at Home Midlands, we’re dedicated to making this transition as smooth and effective as possible with our personalised Reablement Services. Our goal is to empower you to reclaim your independence and improve your quality of life through targeted support and care.

Reablement is a short-term intervention designed to help individuals regain the ability to perform daily tasks and activities on their own, reducing the need for ongoing care. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, an illness, or adjusting to physical changes, our Reablement Services are tailored to meet your specific needs, helping you to regain confidence and independence at home.

Personalised Care Planning

Developing a bespoke care plan focused on your goals, identifying the specific areas where support is needed to help you regain functionality and independence.

Physical Support

Assistance with mobility, exercises, and activities designed to improve strength and confidence in performing daily tasks.

Daily Living Skills Training

Support in re-learning essential skills such as dressing, cooking, and personal hygiene in ways that accommodate any new limitations or challenges.

Safety Adaptations

Advice and implementation of home adaptations that enhance safety and independence, ensuring a secure environment for recovery.

Emotional and Psychological Suppor

Encouragement and motivation throughout the reablement process, addressing any concerns or anxieties about independence and daily living.

Why Choose Care at Home Midlands for Reablement?

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