Dementia Care Services

What We Offer

Our Dementia Care Services are built on a foundation of compassion and specialised knowledge. We offer support that goes beyond everyday needs to create a nurturing environment for individuals living with dementia and their families.
Understanding that each journey with dementia is unique, we provide care that is as individual as the people we support. Our home-based dementia care allows individuals to stay in the comfort of their familiar surroundings, surrounded by memories and the things they love, all while receiving the specialised care they need.

Individualised Care Plans

Developed with a deep understanding of the personal history, preferences, and needs of the individual, ensuring care that enhances the quality of life and promotes independence

Cognitive Stimulation Activities

Engaging individuals in activities designed to support cognitive function and maintain skills, including music therapy, art, and reminiscence exercises

Daily Living Assistance

Providing support with personal care, household tasks, and daily routines, respecting the individual's routines and preferences.

Behavioural and Emotional Support

Skilled management of the behavioural and emotional changes that can accompany dementia is always approached with empathy and understanding.

Education and Support for Families

Offering essential guidance, emotional support, and educational resources to families, we help them understand dementia and how best to support their loved ones.

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