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Caring is What We Do

With so much change going on in your life, you may feel you want to be in the place you know and love best, and that's at home.


Understandably it may feel a bit overwhelming letting new faces in your home or you're not sure how we can help, so relax and let us explain how our services can positively impact your quality of life, in the place you love the most... Home!

What Is Home Care?

Home Care is the extra support and companionship you need to live as independently as possible. You are an individual, with a unique character, interests, and hobbies and our support will enable you to carrying on doing what you love, from the place you love the most. 

This doesn't mean you'll be confined or trapped at home! We make sure you have the means to carry on enjoying life's pleasures as independently as possible. Be it regular walks in the local area, shopping, or playing a sport, this is simply care, on your terms!

Types of Care We Provide

Home Care covers a wide range of services we provide. As every person is different and in a unique situation, our services are tailor made to suit your needs.

You can choose between daily, weekly and even monthly support. With 24/7 care support available you can rest assured you'll always have the cover you need. 

How Much Does Home Care Cost?

The cost of your home care package completely depends on the type of service you’re looking for.

A fully trained and competent carer will come and support you in your home. Prices can also be tailored to accommodate 30 or 45 minute calls. If you wish to have support during the night this can be accommodated as well. 

For 24-hour support of a live-in carer, our competitive price packages are close to that of a care home with the benefit of all care being delivered at home. Daily prices are available for temporary live-in care for less than two weeks and can be discussed over the phone to best suit your needs.

Any costs set include a free no obligation visit to discuss your situation, continual management of your care package and ongoing 24/7 support from our class leading support team. 

If you wish to discuss your options further, don't hesitate to contact one of our specialists by clicking below.

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